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The Violet beret and scarf patterns feature a new LOUISA HARDING yarn, Tulla Tweed.

Tulla Tweed is a modern blend of fibers featuring merino wool & recycled cotton which self stripes when knits, and also features a tasteful tweed fleck! It is a chainette construction (the base yarn of Tulla Tweed is very fine - to create a thicker yarn this fine base is braided like an I-cord to create a casing with a hollow center) - which creates garments that are light weight, less likely to pill, and exceedingly warm as heat is trapped inside the hollow core. When designing with a Tulla Tweed,

Louisa has applied the rule of working with chainette yarns using a larger size needle than you would for a traditionally-plied yarn to create the same gauge – this gives the yarn room to stretch. 

Beret to fit (when stretched): 56 cm (22 in)

Approx. width: 25 cm (10 in)
Approx. length: 180 cm (71 in)

Model shown is color 102. Choose your color from the drop down menu. Kit includes free  pattern and  2 balls of Tulla Tweed yarn in your color choice. 

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Type: scarf kit

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