Knitting Fever

Hotel of Bees shawl by Christina Hadderingh is paired with Queensland Collection, Rainbow Beach. You are going to LOVE this yarn and the shawl will look lovely with the colorways we've chosen. 

As the designer describes it, "

This shawl takes you through the ‘Hotel of Bees’ from Anthony Doerr’s book ‘All the light we cannot see’. A hotel once owned by a wealthy bee enthusiast. We will visit the courtyard to see the big beehive shaped fountain. We will go upstairs to look at the gorgeous fresco’s of child-sized bees and when we get tired of our wanderlust, we bathe in a beautiful hexagonal bathtub.

To take you through the story, the Hotel of Bees shawl consists of the following sections:

  • Wings
  • Open honeycomb
  • bees
  • filet crochet (big and small hexagons and flowers)"

Approximate Finished size: 173 cm wingspan, 76 cm deep - 68" wingspan x 30" deep

Your Kit includes 4 hanks of Rainbow Beach (2 main color and 1 each contrasting color) in the colorway you choose, pattern and KnittyGrittyYarnGirl project bag.


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Type: Shawl

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