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Genome is designed by Linnea Ornstein. She describes it here:

Genome is a triangular lace and garter shawl, knit sideways from one tip to the other. The lace part has a pattern that will remind you of the double helix in DNA strands. The shawl starts with only a few stitches at one tip and increases by one stitch every wrong-side round for the entirety of the shawl. When the lace part reaches its full width, you begin adding garter stitches instead. Once the shawl reaches its maximum number of stitches, it is quickly decreased by two stitches each round until there are only a couple left.

The lace pattern combines eyelet stitches with ­basic ­cables. It is easy to remember the pattern, study it ­closely in the beginning and you will soon know it by heart. Once you know the pattern, you will notice when it is time for a cable round. Between the DNA helixes, there is a reversed stockinette base where the stitches are purled on the right side and knit on the wrong side.

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Type: shawl kit

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