Knitting Fever

 Dorothy Bulac-Ericksen designed the spectacular Bjayzl Shawl. She feels, "What makes this shawl special is the opposition of the thicker yarn of the commanding ‘spines’ to the delicate nature of the ‘webs’ in between. This shallow triangle is started at the small end and grows with every set of spine and web. It’s your choice of the yarn combination, as long as your spine yarn is thicker than your web yarn. It’s also your choice as to the size. It can be done as a small kerchief or as a longer, more dramatic shawl." 

We chose Ciao by Jody Long Yarns for the spine colors and teamed them with Perth by Queensland Collection for the webs. The colors and textures work beautifully together. 

Color shown is Royal Blue Bell/Avocado. Choose your favorite combination from the dropdown menu or call us to customize colors. 

Kit includes 2 balls of Ciao and 1 ball of Perth in your color choice, pattern and KnittyGrittyYarnGirl project bag.

Recommended needle size US5

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Type: Shawl

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