🌞 Get ready for an unforgettable knitting adventure at KnittyGrittyYarnGirl 2024 Spring Knit Camp where you’ll learn a diverse range of techniques that will take your knitting to the next level! All knitting enthusiasts, adventurous beginners and experienced alike can attend!

Join us for this opportunity to enhance your knitting skills and unlock your creative potential. Whether you’re a newer knitter or experienced and want to sharpen your skills, our camp is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle knitting projects with ease. Each week, we’ll introduce a technique. You’ll practice in class, then complete your swatch at home and bring it to the next class.

📚 Learn the fundamentals: We will prioritize building a strong foundation. Our expert instructors will guide you through the essential skills of pattern reading and understanding terminology and charts.

🔍 Discover new stitches: Expand your repertoire of knitting techniques to include bobbles, cables, short rows, stranded colorwork, mosaic knitting, and most important of all, seaming up your garment pieces! Our dedicated instructors will break down each topic and stitch, ensuring you grasp the concepts and gain hands-on experience.

💡 Boost your confidence: Ever dreamt of knitting intricate and eye-catching projects? Now is the time to bring those dreams to life! With our Summer Knit Camp, you'll gain the confidence to take on more challenging patterns and projects. No longer will you shy away from complex designs – you'll embrace them with enthusiasm and skill.

🏕️ Engage in a supportive community: You'll be part of a vibrant and encouraging community of fellow knitting enthusiasts, sharing your progress, asking questions, and receiving valuable feedback from your peers and instructors. The bonds you create will extend beyond the camp, creating lasting connections in the world of knitting.

📅 Date and Time:  Thursdays 4 - 6 p.m. beginning March 7 and ending April 25, 2024.

Location: KnittyGrittyYarnGirl Yarn Shop, 170 Flanders Road, Niantic, CT 

Participation limited to 6 people

Weekly topics and stitches

Week 1: (March 7) Program introduction & Pattern Reading – Learn the art of deciphering knitting patterns like a pro. Explore the essential components of a pattern, understand common abbreviations, symbols, and charts, and gain the confidence to follow instructions accurately.

Week 2: Bobbles (March 14) - Dive into the whimsical world of bobbles! Discover how to create these delightful, puffy embellishments that add texture and visual interest to your knitting. Master the technique to incorporate bobbles into your projects and make them stand out with playful charm.

Week 3: Cables (March 21) – Unleash your inner designer as you venture into the world of cables. Learn the mechanics of creating intertwining patterns that mimic ropes and braids. Gain the confidence to knit cables, elevating your projects with timeless elegance and a touch of sophistication.

Week 4: Short Rows (March 28) – Learn the different short row techniques that add shaping and dimension to your knitting. Unlock the secrets of creating curves, darts, and unique design elements. Whether it's creating a perfect fit or adding visual intrigue, short rows will revolutionize your knitting repertoire.

Week 5: Mid-program Review (April 4) – We’ll catch up, review, and celebrate your progress to date during this session. Bring your finished swatches and questions for help.

Week 6: Stranded Colorwork (April 11) – Learn the difference between stranded colorwork and Fair Isle knitting, and methods used, choosing colors for stranded colorwork knitting to create captivating patterns and working with multiple yarn colors simultaneously. From Fair Isle to Scandinavian designs, embrace the beauty and versatility of colorwork.

Week 7: Mosaic (April 18) - Step into the world of mosaic knitting, where you'll learn the art of creating intricate geometric patterns with just one color at a time. Learn the techniques of slipping stitches and combining simple knits and purls to achieve stunning results. Expand your design possibilities and create mesmerizing projects with ease.

Week 8: Seaming/Construction (April 25) – Master the art of seaming and transform your knitted pieces into beautiful, finished garments or accessories. Explore different seaming techniques, from invisible seams to decorative options, ensuring your projects have a polished and professional appearance. Say goodbye to unfinished edges and hello to flawless finishes!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your knitting skills and unlock your creative potential. Join KnittyGrittyYarnGirl Summer Knit Camp today and embark on a summer of knitting adventures you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 9 weeks of hands-on instruction with a master knitter and instructor
  • One-on-one support throughout the program
  • Access to video tutorials
  • 2 balls of yarn for practice swatches
  • KnittyGrittyYarnGirl Project Bag & Campside Mug
  • 10% off all purchases throughout program

 Cost of program:  $395

🌟 Program limited to 10 campers. Reserve your spot now: www.knittygrittyyarngirl.com.

📞 For more information, call us at 203-856-6755

📧 Contact us via email: paulette@knittygrittyyarngirl.com

Hurry, limited spots available!

Get ready to knit, learn, and create this summer at KnittyGrittyYarnGirl Summer Knit Camp! 🧶🌞

About your instructors:

Paulette Meijer: Owner, KnittyGrittyYarnGirl Yarn Shop Paulette learned the basics of knit and crochet from her grandmothers, at the early age of 8. While she always enjoyed the crafts over the years, she began knitting in earnest over 40 years ago. Her energy was fueled by the diversity of fibers and incorporating them into projects. She brings that energy to her customers at KnittyGrittyYarnGirl Yarn Shop. 

Michelle Mingo Lewis: Michelle is a Niantic resident and has been knitting for 50 years. She obtained her master knitting certification from TKGA in 2021.  Michelle loves to teach and is always willing to help knitters who want to learn new skills!  

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